Dry Food

Australian Pet Brands offers a broad range of dry products and can work with you to develop a recipe suited to your budget and resultant market positioning. We have the capacity to produce from entry level to advanced super premium products and at various price points to suit all market needs.

Our premium dry pet food range is benchmarked by the company’s ability to produce products with high levels of real fresh meat and/or fish. Our products are formulated to reflect premium attributes and are free from artificial chemicals, colourings and flavourings. All antioxidants added in the manufacturing process are entirely natural and our premium dry pet food products are wheat and wheat gluten free.

Our premium dog products can be custom formulated to your requirements with life-stage & specialist diet development being our core capabilities. Grand Senior, weight management and specific breed ranges are available on request.

The inclusion level of fresh meat you & your customers require will be key to deciding on the recipe we formulate to make the product on your behalf - The higher levels of digestible protein in our premium products ultimately reduce stress levels on a pets’ digestive systems.

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