How To Stop A Fence Jumping Dog

If you are the proud owner of an expert fence jumping dog, you need these dog obedience tips. This is one of many annoying dog behavior problems that can cause problems with the neighbors, and with animal control. If your pet is running loose, he may also be stolen or hit by a car.

The problem is that a dog jumping fence is a self-rewarding behavior. What this means is that once the dog jumps over the fence, he's out, which is what he wants, so he's rewarded every time he does it. Prevention is definitely the key here.

How To Stop A Fence Jumping Dog

This sounds silly, but be sure your fence is high enough. He can't jump over it if it's too high. Also, take the time to ensure that any gates are securely shut, with a strong latch.

If possible, move anything that he can climb on to get over the fence. Trash cans, barbeque grills, or a stack of firewood are all handy items for a canine bent on escape.

Find a way to keep him happily occupied in his own yard. You'd be amazed at how creative a bored dog can be in finding ways to amuse himself. Unfortunately, your pet's idea of fun usually involves dog behavior problems of some kind. Provide him with a digging pit so he can work off some of his energy. Leave him with a toy stuffed with peanut butter or another treat. He'll be busy for hours getting it out.

When you see him approaching the fence, ready to jump, squirt him with a hose. Use the "off" command. A well-trained pet will listen to you.

Plant bushes in front of the fence, or put something there to keep him from getting a running start to jump the fence.

Have your pet neutered or spayed to prevent escapes in search of a mate. This also prevents all the problems associated with pet overpopulation.

Dog Obedience Tips

We've all seen pet owners trying to get their canines to come back to them after they've escaped. The pet is so happy to be out that he's running all over, completely ignoring his owner. This is dangerous, as he's also ignoring cars, too. Prevent this problem by teaching your pup the "come" command while he's still young.

When you feed him, say "come" in a pleasant tone, and wait for him to head your way. When he obeys, praise him and put his food down. He'll make the connection between "come" and getting fed very quickly.

Say "come" whenever you have the chance, and praise him and give him a treat when he obeys. Keep practicing this until it's second nature for him to come to you whenever you use this command.

"Come" is one of the most important commands you can teach him. You're establishing yourself as the pack leader, which is essential for gaining your pup's respect, and getting him to obey you.

If you spend as little as ten minutes a day training your pet, you'll be amazed at the change in his behavior. A good dog training course is an important tool you'll need. Look for one that includes a consultation with an experienced dog trainer for help with dog behavior problems like a fence jumping dog.

Do yourself and your canine friend a favor by making sure that he stays safe from harm in his own yard.

Article by: Darlene Norris

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