Fun and Fitness For Dogs

We all know the dog needs to be walked daily and by god we know how much THEY LOVE IT, so why is it a chore that gets hot-potatoed around the family?

Exercising your pet does not need to be a chore. Finding new ways to keep your dog happy and healthy not only encourages a respondent and well behaved pooch but it can be fun for you. Exercising your dog is great if you love to exercise yourself. Take your dog jogging, or swimming with you and you will usually find him to be a great companion. It is proven that dogs who receive regular exercise also learn to curb behavioural problems such as barking, and taking them to new areas can be a great cure for boredom as well as a vital energy outlet for them.

These outings will give you the chance to interact with your dog in new surroundings and teach him new skills. Not only will you become closer with your pet but you will see him become more obedient if you put the time into his development. However it is important to let him have fun as well! When exercising your dog it is important to take into consideration its size, age and health and for walking your dog it is essential to have the right leash. You will find it well worth the research to find one that is right for both of you. If your dog is not yet familiar with common commands such as ‘heel’ then keep him on his leash until he has learnt to obey these and can be kept under control otherwise it is not recommended to let your dog run free even in a dog friendly area. Remember to always carry treats with you to reward him when he has been good, be sure to look out for signs of dehydration and don’t forget your pooper-scooper.

When taking your dog out make sure you give him the time to stop and wander around to sniff out new areas. Also try to vary your walks or activities and with the new daily adventure you will be rewarded with a contented pet. He will love getting the attention of other people and dogs and this will help with his social skills. It is a good idea is to make the dogs outing be more than just a toilet training or a relief exercise. This starts by changing your mind set and finding something that you can enjoy as well. Pretty soon you will see the benefits far outweigh the effort for the both of you.

Another great way to see your dog gets regular exercise is by taking him with you whenever you get the opportunity. Spending time with them makes them feel loved and helps you build a stronger relationship with them. This enables you to show your pet he is a part of the family in a positive way rather than spoiling him or over indulging him with love, toys or treats.

It is easy to spoil our loved ones but if we want a happy and healthy pooch we must do what’s best for them and it is regular exercise that is vital to your dog’s health and happiness. So, not only will regular activities keep both you and your dog happy and healthy, it will help them to become more responsive to you and to others. Remember the purpose of these outings is not just fitness but fun as well.

Ten Pet Games

  1. Find an old cotton sock and fill it with cotton balls. Tie it tightly at one end with a piece of cotton string and dangle it in front of your cat. Pull it away as he goes to grab it, but make sure you let him catch a few times so that he can feel like a successful predator!
    Optional: Spray some catnip inside the sock.
  2. Get a small container (preferably an empty plastic milk bottle) and fill it with dry food or treats. Make 3 - 4 holes around the bottle, big enough for a little bit of the treat to fall out. Your little friend will have fun rolling it around and eating the treats!
  3. Get a small plastic container and fill it with dry beans. Roll it along the floor for your pussy cat to chase it!
  4. Turn off the lights and shine a torch or flashlight on a nearby wall. Dangle some a toy mouse in front of the light and move it back and forth so its shadow races up and down the wall. Your cheeky cat will leap up at the wall trying to catch the mouse’s shadow!
  5. Teach your dog to play ‘hide and go seek’! Walk away from your dog till you are out of sight. Call him/her to you and be very excited when you see him/her. Repeat this and make it more difficult by hiding behind walls or furniture.
  6. How smart is your pooch? Get 3 dark cups and put a ball under one of them. Mix the cups up in front of your doggy and when he chooses the correct cup give him/her a treat! Your doggy will get smarter while having fun!
  7. For your pet parrot – imitate him stretching and get him to imitate you, like raising your arm in the air. This is called the “I can do that too!” game.
  8. Guinea Pigs are playful little pets, you can play treat games by hiding food (high quality hay) inside toilet paper or paper towel spools and get them to try and get it out – fun and delicious!
  9. For you pet rat - try wrapping or folding a piece of paper in layers around a favorite treat; shredding and unwrapping the treat will keep your rat busy for a while!
  10. Another fun free game is the paper grocery bag! Few cats can resist an empty paper bag..! Place the bag sideways and when your cat explores the bag, scratch and move your fingernails along on different parts of the bag. Your cat will try to paw your hand from inside the bag. Then take the bag and cut a few holes in the top and sides of the bag take a toy mouse and pull it in and out of the holes and watch the fun!!!
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