3 Tips For Training YOUR PUPPY

Training your puppy may be time consuming, but the rewards will be felt for a lifetime. Any doubters should catch the "Marley and Me" movie for reinforcement of this statement. Your cute little squirming bundle of joy will not be so lovable as an out of control grown and rambunctious dog. Puppy training is a great way to nip behavior problems in the bud as well as developing bonds of respect and love. We are just going to cover a few simple but effective aspects for training puppies here.

Who am I?

Once you have decided on a great and unique moniker for your new best friend, you need to teach it to your puppy. Your dog needs to realize that "Rover" means him. After selecting the world's best name you will need to start calling your new puppy by this. If your dog looks totally clueless start by calling "Puppy" as well as the new label. Generally, you can get a pup's attention by using the term "puppy". When you get your puppy's attention with the new name it is important to praise, reward, treat or cuddle. Your puppy will quickly learn that it is in his best interests to pay attention when you use his name.

When scolding your puppy do not use their name. Just say "No" in a firm voice. Most puppies should pick up on their new name within a few days to a week. Be sure to use the name frequently when talking to your puppy.

Coming on command.

ImageFor the well-being and safety of everyone, it is important that your dog is obedient enough to come when you call. After your puppy knows his name you can start on the "Come" command . Call your dog's name in a friendly voice. For example "Rover come here". When your dog comes over reward with praise, food or a cuddle. Your dog needs to associate "Come" with pleasant things. Your dog will learn not to come on command if he is only ever going to get punished when he goes to you.


"Sit" is another concept that your dog really needs to understand. This can be a lifesaver later on when your overgrown pup is jumping on everyone in sight. It will also be easier for you to leash train when your dog understands the meaning of the word "sit". Luckily, teaching "sit" is relatively simple.

Start off by saying "Sit" and pushing gently on your dog's butt. Your pup will naturally be forced to sit. At this moment reward your pup. Try this technique a few times at a go. Pretty soon your puppy will understand what "sit" means. Once this trick has been mastered you will need to keep reinforcing it by repeating several times daily.

Training a puppy need not be frustrating. Use puppy training time as an opportunity to build love and respect between you and your puppy. Dogs need and respect rules to keep them in their proper place in your home. Fido's long term happiness in your home is based just as much on puppy obedience as an appropriate shelter and healthy meals.

Artilce by: Bill Baker

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