Transporting Your Pet

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times, let alone having to worry about whether your pet is being transported safely and comfortably. Moving in general, whether it is locally or nationally can be difficult and confusing for animals.

There are essentially two forms of pet transportation, being by road and air. Animals can be moved in vans or trailers by road or in pet containers and crates via air travel. Pets can be moved either locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and there are a range of services that pet movers and airlines offer depending on the animal, the distance to be travelled and the owner’s budgets. The size of the animal and its character will reflect on which type of transport is best suited.

Road transport can be used for veterinary or other pet associated pet appointments, collection and delivery to and from the airport, and for regional and national transport. Gold Coast based business, “Dog Movers” transport animals to Sydney and north east New South Wales, and return on a weekly basis. David Gallagher, owner of Dog Movers said that pets can be moved to many areas around Australia by road and is an alternative to air freight. Some of these areas include Dubbo in New South Wales and Mt Isa in Queensland. When transporting pets by road, the animal’s comfort on these journeys are the main priority and therefore the vehicles are designed to meet the needs of the animal.

The vehicles or trailers are fitted with cages of varying sizes and have a section that can be closed off to the other animals. This section can be used for transporting farm animals at the same time as domestic animals, if required. The cages accommodate small, medium, large and extra large pets. The cages are fitted with water bowls and are laid with straw for comfort. The animals are fed and fresh water is provided throughout the journey. On longer journeys, the animals are walked three times a day for exercise and toilet breaks. Each vehicle is fitted with air-conditioning and the driver is with the animals for the entire journey. Costs for road travel depend on the size of the animal and the distance it is travelling. For instance, a medium size dog (up to 39kg) travelling from Brisbane to Sydney by road would cost $175.00. Many services are offered for any budget.

The other form of transport is air. Animals travelling by air must be restrained in a pre-approved container or crate which complies with RSPCA and airline regulations. The container must be the correct size for the animal to sit, stand and turn and must be fitted with the correct locks and escape proof hinges. An owner has the choice of either hiring a container or purchasing one which is suitable for their pet. Smaller pets travelling on the same flight as their owner can be transported in a container, whilst larger pets or those travelling separate from their owner will fly as air freight.

Costs for air travel can range from cheap to expensive. If an owner is travelling with their pet on the same domestic flight, the pet can be included in the free baggage limit. A small dog would be considered as one unit of baggage, whilst a medium dog would be considered as two units of baggage. Larger dogs would be required to travel in an approved crate. Both air travel and road travel offer a range of services for small to large pets.

Each pet is individual and therefore owners need to identify the best form of travel for their own pet. Distance, time and most of all comfort and stress levels are the key indicators of whether pets should travel by air or road. The best approach would be for owners to research both methods of travel and weigh the pros and cons relevant to their pet. It is important that the animal is comfortable, safe and stress-free during its journey, whether it is travelling locally or interstate. Stress can cause an animal much discomfort and could affect their health and well-being during travel. Both road and air travel can offer a range of services for most animals at any budget and pet owners should contact their local pet movers or airline to find out more information.

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