Teach your child to get along properly with a kitten

Kittens are very cute however there are some precautions you should take to protect children under the age of 5. A toddler can cause serious harm to a kitten when it is just trying to be affectionate.

If it were a mature cat they are likely to be able respond quicker to unexpected moves of a child however may warn off the child with a swipe of the paw. It is important if you are considering buying a kitten for sale then it must not be left with a young child/toddler.

A kitten is a huge undertaking therefore these are the important considerations to understand before adopting a kitten or any other pet. It is important to establish ground rules from the beginning about handling your pet. Here are basics to get you starting:


  • Make sure you go to the vet as early as possible and stick to the schedule to ensure the kitten receives the right treatment at the right time. Worming is something that must be done correctly as worms can transfer to humans.
  • Take time to explain to your child how to handle the kitten gently and how to approach as to not scare the animal or provoke a bad reaction. Your vet can provide advice on how best to handle animals.
  • Teach your child what the kitten might not like things they like to do such as playing rough, loud noises, or human food. For example chocolate and onions can be very harmful to dogs.
  • Arrange special occasions to play with your child and the kitten together to learn more about your pet's special needs, their likes and their dislikes.
  • Ensure your kitten gets to run about plenty.
  • Insist on hand washing after playing with the kitten and after cleaning out their play area.
  • Teach your child that any pet needs a proper diet daily just like us.
  • Explain the kitten needs to learn to use the litter box for the toilet.


  • Allow your child to hit the kitten or handle them roughly. Ensure you should consideration for the pet as the child will copy you.
  • Hassle your pet when it is trying to rest, is sleeping, playing alone or eating. Explain to your child that a pet needs time to itself too.
  • Allow kittens to lick anyone's face – it's nice to receive affection but think about what kittens and cats keep clean by licking.

If you follow these rules you will be off to a great start and the relationship between your child and the chosen kitten will be a loving and long lasting relationship.

Article by: Bill James

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