Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a lovable dog with a big attitude and incredible personality. If you love dogs that think they are the biggest animal on the block - but are actually small, cuddly fluffballs.

A member of the Toy Group, the Yorkie loves to cuddle and looks like it is gliding across the showroom floor when in a competition. The reason for this is due to their long, elegant hair that goes all the way down to their feet. Some Yorkshire Terriers can weigh as little as 1 pound, but breeders do not often recommend buying puppies this small. Plainly put, when a dog is that tiny, their health is definitely at risk.

ImageThe AKC recommends keeping your Yorkie under seven pounds, but these dogs do not operate under a minimum weight requirement. The Yorkie's coat can be silver, blue or black and they have tan on the heads and legs. All of the puppies are both with black and tan color and change as they mature.

Characteristics - The Yorkshire Terrier has long been the top choice as an apartment dog. They love to roam around in a yard, but they don't have to have one. Some dogs never go outside at all, actually, as their owners teach them to use a litter box. You can always play an indoor game of fetch with your Yorkie to keep them healthier. Finally, if you do leave your Yorkshire Terrier outside, be sure it is a secure area as Yorkies love to scramble and dig to explore.

Yorkshire Terriers love to have all of the attention on themselves and are quite sociable. Yorkies can become irritated around toddlers, however, but only because they are worried that the toddler is going to hurt them in some way. Yorkies can injure easily due to their small size. A Yorkshire Terrier with an exceptional personality will allow a toddler to squeeze, poke and play with them, but it can be quite unfair to the dog to be treated like a toy.

Yorkies can become stubborn as they mature and develop quite the diva attitude. For this reason, it pays to take your puppy trained early on to give them the right guidelines.

Health Problems and Grooming - Yorkshire Terriers have few health problems, although they can have problems with their teeth. They have also been known to develop hernias and have hypoglycemia.

These little dogs do not eat a lot of food, but you will be careful not to spoil them with soft food, unless he can't eat dry food. Dry food is much better for their teeth and since the Yorkie has issues with dental problems anyways, you should definitely push them towards the dry version.

Yorkies need to be groomed at least three times a week in order to prevent tangles. The dogs with silkier coats will only need a weekly brushing. Of course, you will need to watch their teeth and keep them very clean to prevent any dental problems in the future.

If you want a dog with a lot of personality and character, this gorgeous lap dog with a big bark could be just right for you.

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