Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (often referred to as the PBGV due to his long name which can be sometimes hard to pronounce), is a small rough coated, scent hound that originated in the harsh region of Vendeen in France.

He is generally used in small packs to hunt rabbit and other small game.

ImageThis little fellow is very appealing with his natural tousled appearance, sporting a long beard, moustache and over hanging eyebrows. He is often called ‘The Happy Breed’ and with his natural 'joi de vie' of life loves to have fun and looks to be constantly laughing as he seems to go out of his way to amuse his owner.

The PBGV stands 34cm to 38cm with a harsh coat around 5cm long. The coat colour is basically white with any other colour. (grizzle & white, lemon or orange & white or tri-coloured – black, tan & white). He has a saber shaped tail that he carries gaily as an extension of his back which he wags constantly.

If there is a downside to the PNGV it is that he is a ‘scent hound’, so unless trained from a very early age to come back on command, it is not wise to let him run loose in an unfenced area, as once he comes across a scent his hundreds of years of development to follow his nose’ kicks in’ and he becomes oblivious to all else.

As a family pet he is one of the best, as he is a pack animal and immediately makes his family his pack. He loves to play and being the consummate child himself, will play for hours with the children of the house but if you don’t have the time to play, just toss him a toy and he will amuse himself with his innate ability to have fun.

Like all breeds the PBGV suffers some genetic health disorders in a small percentage of its gene pool. The main two of concern being seizures and Glaucoma/Lens Luxation, but most breeders today are conscious of these problems and are doing as much as possible to avoid these with the hope of eventually eliminating them. The majority of breeders will be able to discuss these problems with with prospective owners.

Due to the breed’s naturally harsh coat, care and maintenance of the PBGV is fairly easy and is restricted to a brush and comb once a week. He also needs to have his ears cleaned once a week and occasional the hair trimmed around his face and eyes. Other than that his is basically an easy care dog.

To sum up the breed, if you are looking for an active, happy, small/medium dog that will constantly make you laugh with his antics every day, and you have the time to perform the small, but necessary amount of grooming associated with the breed , then the PBGV could be just the dog for you.

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