The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon comes originally from the USA and have the name "coons" as their tail resembles that of a racoon. They evolved in Europe probably Scandinavia , where they developed their long waterproof coat,strong back and leg muscles. They can weigh up to 12kg.

They also have tufts of fur between their toes which enables them to walk in snow and they use their long thick plume of a tail to wrap themselves up in when the weather is harsh. They can come in many colours and

As they grow so large they take up to 3 years to develop and as a kitten they will eat twice as much food as any normal kitten - this will continue until about 18 months of age when their appetite starts to slow down.

Maintenance is very simple, and despite its size it is a much loved lap cat. The Maine Coon will sit and take as much brushing and grooming as you can give it However a good weekly comb through is recommended especially in the spring when they start to lose their thick winter coat. For the warmer states of Australia I can recommend to shave the underbelly in the summer to reduce any heat exhastion, specially when it is very humid.They are a breed that loves to play in water so cooling off in the summer is not a worry but getting dry with their big thick coat is (another good reason to shave the underside).

The Maine Coon is well known as the gentle giant of the cat world, often refreered to as a bot of a clown as they have many play and fun times - however, it should be understood that this giant of the cat world are not quite as quite agile as our average feline. The Maine Coon loves company and will fit into any household as part of a family and give many long hours of affection, company and love.

This cat is a big cat lover’s cat. Although hugely popular outside of the state, these beautiful long-haired cats did actually originate in Maine. The seaports of the Colonies were breeding ground for rats, and thus attracted heavy bodied and powerful short haired cats that had come from European countries such as France and England.

Back than cats were used for rat control on any ship crossing the Atlantic, and than most of them simply let loose. It was during the formative years that our new country began to see ships from the Baltic and Scandinavian areas, bringing with them, their own breed of cats. Though smaller, these cats had something that let them adapt to the harsh climate of the central seaboard states, they had unbelievable long hair. The current residence had no problem crossbreeding with these cats, and so began the evolution of the uniquely American breed, known as the Maine Coon Cat.Â

For anyone who owns one, they are primarily known as a big cuddly, sweet, and an intelligent companion. Their evolution can be explained like that of any other pioneer. The thick weeds and bush of the New England countryside no doubt had something to do with its long, deep chested, rectangular body. Being able to fight the local carnivores, explains their incredible mass and strength. If you are just starting to consider them as a pet, the first thing you will notice is the 7-8 diameter furry tail, known as a brush. For those of you that are considering one for the first time you should know this. Although they have the look of a Persian, the Coon has no exotic wild-species bloodlines in them, and are at least 3-4 times the size of one. If there are young children you must also be made aware of the cat’s long "saber-tooth" like teeth. Remember, though the modern Maine Coon is sweet and cuddly, its roots are still that of a hunter. With all that said, despite its size and strength the Maine Coon is for the most part friendly, playful, and good with children.

A Gentle Giant - Guinness World Record Holder

As I have stated, the Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. In 2006 a purebred named Leo was awarded “Longest Cat,” measuring 48 in(129cm) in length, from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Incidentally, he weighed 35 lb. or (16 kg). Although his age is not stated, he would have been at least three or four, because the Coon doesn’t normally reach his full potential size until then. Before you get too excited, that by no means is anywhere near the normal size of a Maine Coon. On the average the male will weigh between 13 and 18 lbs. ( 5.9 and 8.2 kg) with females weighing between 8 and 12 lb. (3.6 and 5.4 kg). The height of the adult will also vary, 10 and 16 in (25 and 41 cm),
and length, including the tail, which can reach lengths of up to 14 in (36 cm), up to 40 in (100cm).

Can the Maine Coon Be Trained?
Intelligent But Stubborn

For anyone considering a Coon, or if you just recently acquired one, or you have one that is completely running the show, the answer is yes. If not controlled, it will turn your furniture into scratching posts and jump wherever it chooses.

There are all sorts of places you can go for help. If you are looking into professional breeders and trainers, make sure that they specialise in the Maine Coon. There are of course all sorts of Forums on the web that might be able to give you some guidance.

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