Chantay Bengal

Jan Cox has a small home-based Bengal cattery on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. She is a Breeder of Distinction with the International Bengal Cat Society and a registered breeder, exhibitor and Assistant Steward Supervisor with the Governing Council of Cat Fancy Victoria and Australia. (GCCFV).

Jan's breeding program consists of Brown Spotted & Marbled, Seal Lynx Point, Mink & Sepia Spotted & Marbled Bengal cats. Jan describes the Bengal cat as an even tempered, affectionate, playful pet...

The history of the Bengal is very interesting says Jan, she describes how that the Bengal breed derived its name from the species of its wild ancestor, Felis Bengalensis, the Asian Leopard cat. The Asian Leopard cat itself is a small, shy wild cat and is not known to be aggressive. However, in order that the Bengal Cat be considered a domestic feline Jan advises that it must be at least 4 generations removed from their wild ancestors.

ImageThe goal of the breeder in developing the domestic Bengal cat breed was to preserve a strong physical resemblance to its beautiful wild ancestor and at the same time be a pleasant and trustworthy companion.

Jan speaks fondly of the Bengal describing them as a medium to large domestic cat size and require a similar amount of care as other breeds, she goes on to say how they have the most amazing coat patterns and markings that you will find on a domesticated cat. "They are truly a walking work of art." smiles Jan.

Bengals are very social cats and love to be around people. They are affectionate and loving, enjoying a cuddle on your lap whenever they get the chance. They also have a very playful side and with their boundless energy they can be entertained - and entertaining - for hours. They are water loving cats and are quite often found taking a dip in the bath or shower with their owners. Kittens are known to play with their water bowls and toys are constantly found floating in them.

Image"People with cat allergies are known to own a Bengal, says Jan "they shed minimal fur due to their pelt which is very luxurious and silk-like to feel." Jan adds "Bengals are very robust creatures with minimal health concerns."

Jan concludes by adding "Owning a bengal is an experience you will cherish forever. They are an amazing looking cat with great temperaments and outstanding markings. They are energetic people oriented cats and love being with you. If you are fascinated by rare and unique personalities you will undoubtedly enjoy the companionship of a Bengal."

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