Pollution Incident Response Management Plan – APB DUBBO


1. Introduction

This document outlines Australian Petbrands Pty Ltd Dubbo Factory plan for responding to pollution incidents. The Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) forms part of Australian Petbrands Pty Ltd Emergency Preparedness Procedure (MGT.21). This procedure and other relevant procedures are maintained through the sites document control system and as such are reviewed annually

The Emergency Preparedness Procedure outlines the systems in place to manage emergency situations that include not just safety situations but also includes plans to manage environmental incidents.

2. Hazard Identification

A list of, potential environmental hazards at the Dubbo site are identified in the Emergency Preparedness Procedure (MGT.21).

3. Notification and Response

All staff is instructed that any and all potential environmental incidents are reported to their shift supervisor. The shift supervisor will determine the immediate level of threat – and if necessary call 000 – if the level of threat is not an immediate threat to persons or property – then supervisor will notify the Plant Manager immediately – if the plant Manager is un-contactable the Operations Manager is to be notified. The Plant Manager or Operations Manager, based on direct information will determine the level of threat in consultation with relevant plant supervisors and upper management team – and will determine if the incident is a notifiable pollution incident. If the incident is decided to be such, the Plant Manager will instigate the PIRMP and begin the notification process as soon as practically possible.

The notification of external parties - is to occur in the below order

Fire and Rescue - 000 – call first if incident is assessed as a direct threat to person or property.

NSW Environmental Protection Agency – 131 555

NSW Work cover – 131 050

Dubbo City Council - (02) 6801 4000

If the incident poses an immediate threat to neighbouring premises the Plant Manager will ensure that all persons and businesses in the vicinity will be notified by phone as soon as practically possible.

Any person with concern re an incident or threat of an incident can contact Australian Petbrands Pty Ltd during and after business hours on (02) 6841 0400. During business hours the receptionist will direct your call to the Plant Manager or Operations Manager. After business hours, please ask to speak with the shift supervisor.

4. Pollution Response Training, Testing and Review

The pollution incident management response plan is included in the onsite induction programme for new staff, visitors and contractors. The PIRMP forms part of the Australian Petbrands Emergency Preparedness Procedure and is tested annually and all staff are retrained as part of the annual testing and review program of procedures.

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